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The idea behind the Mosaic network is to connect missional communities and ministries who are distinct self-governing, self-supporting, and self-multiplying entities in our city and our region.  The dream of the Mosaic is to become a movement of missional communities and ministries that are easily reproducible where everyone gets to play, and where there is a unity that celebrates diversity.   It is our firm belief that complex organization (hoops to jump through) and institutions built around a central personality(the professional Grand Pooh Bah) can unknowingly become a bottleneck to the organic life of a movement! Having said that, we are keen to be a treasure hunters for where the Holy Spirit is initiating Kingdom life, and serve it with some simple structure. 

Some who merge in and out of the Mosaic may be part of other denominations/missional organizations or collectives which is cool. . .this is about having a Kingdom agenda first and foremost.  The glue that holds the pieces of the Mosaic together is our love for Jesus and His Kingdom.  Through an affinity found in our friendships, a common set of core values, practices, and language expressed in our quest to live out “community” and “mission” in our city and neighbourhoods; we have bumped into each other.

We believe that it is much more likely for circles of 2 or 3 friends in smaller communities to grow into real tangible expressions of unity where every voice is heard,  every person has ownership, and we share our resources.  The currency of this kind of community is a trust that is established over time, by resolving our conflicts, and by staying together through thick and thin. From this foundation of trust,  we want to link arms in partnering with God in His mission to redeem all of creation into relationship with Himself!

While we cherish and celebrate the unique diversity of each simple missional community or circle of communities, I believe that when the pieces of a Mosaic connect together we become a moving picture of who Jesus is, and we get a foretaste of the Kingdom Feast to come (Luke 13:29;14:12-23).  We want to reach for this Kingdom dream and the greatest sign and wonder which is seen when people from various ethnic groups, the rich and the poor, and the  different generations become real friends.  The FEAST Gatherings will be an opportunity to declare our unity in Jesus and, to celebrate the rich deposit of God’s creativity found in our food, colour, music, stories, and art!  These Feasts are a dress rehersal and prophetic picture of the that Great FEAST to come (Rev 19:6-8)!

The two questions we would like to explore are: “How do we tangibly express our ‘oneness’ which paints a fuller picture of who Jesus is?” and “What could we do together that we could never do apart?”

Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling towards some possible concrete application to the above questions.:

Possible Regional and city wide celebrations 3 times a year called The Feast- a time to demonstrate our unity in Jesus, tell God stories, eat together, and minister to one another. Our first city and regional FEAST GATHERING WILL BE SEPTEMBER 11-MORE DETAILS TO COME!

Sharing Resources– Linking websites so people in our communities can find opportunities for mission locally and internationally, training, justice, prayer, and even the meeting of tangible needs through posting a list of practical needs, items people want to give away (i.e. furniture, cars, and so on) so that people with resources or needs in our communities can find each other. It would be neat to see MC’s exchange various gifts (teaching, prophetic, teaching, apostolic) by inviting people with that gift to come into our communities and activate that particular expression of the nature of Jesus.  A few of us are working on a website www.themosaicnetwork.net that will serve as a portal and link for those called to be part of the Mosaic. You can go to the links of each of these missional communities to find out more info about who they are.

Encouraging Round Tables of the catalysts of MC’s in neighbourhoods or towns who lay down their lives for one another and then  explore how to live out mission and community together. -I see this already happening for example in Kennsington with Derek, Rob, and Rohadi and in Mackenzie Towne with Art and Duane. We want to see these RT’s of friends in neighbourhoods all over the city and region.

It has been my longing and dream to see ‘real’ demonstrations of unity where we practically serve one another and live out that Scripture from John 13:35 where Jesus says, ” They will know you are my disciples by your love for one another.”

On behalf of the growing Mosaic:


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