About – Community and Mission

The Trinity

The core of what the Mosaic is all about flows out of a vision of community and mission that is demonstrated for us by the circle dance of the Trinity. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit show us what a true mosaic of unity and diversity looks like. In the Trinity, we see a community of mutual submission and reciprocating service. There is no jockeying for position, no jealousy, no competition; just perfect harmony. There is no hierarchy, but the hierarchy of love.

Out of this perfect community, Jesus chose out of love to leave the comforts of heaven to come live in the hood and show us in flesh and blood what God is like, and what His Kingdom is all about (John 1:14). He then laid down His life and rose again, so that we could be reconciled into relationship with the God. The amazing thing is that the Trinity has made space in their circle dance to welcome us in! This mission continues on. We are to be a community on mission. We get the honor of tagging along with the Trinity on the mission to reconcile all of creation into the perfect symphony of the circle dance (Romans 8:20-21).

Circle Dance of 3

For us the basic building block of church is circles of 2 or 3 people who embark on a journey with God’s help to live out ‘deeper community’ and ‘incarnational mission’together (Matt. 18:19). We believe that the greatest sign and wonder is when 2 0r 3 friends choose to celebrate their unique diversity, yet voluntarily lay down their rights for the sake of the community.  John 15:12-17 is our creed, audacious vision, mandate, and manifesto; which we know is absolutely impossible without God’s help. We are always on the look out for these organic circles of 3 from which we start to humbly learn how to live out the circle dance of the Trinity.

The idea behind the Mosaic network is that each missional community is a distinct self-governing, self-supporting, and self-multiplying entity. Thus the Mosaic is not to become a centralized organization with a Grand Pooh-Ba at the center of it all! Another way to put it is that we are allergic to hierarchical forms of leadership that constrict life. Our greatest concern is becoming a bottleneck to life.

It is our firm belief that complex organization (i.e. hoops to jump through) and institutions built around a central personality can impede the organic life of a movement! Having said that, we are keen to be a treasure hunters and cheer leaders for where the Holy Spirit is initiating Kingdom life, and serve it with some simple structure. Every river not in a flood stage has banks, every tree has a trunk to get the sap where it should go, and every body has a skeleton to be a container for the life of the spirit.

Symphony of Circles

Some who merge in and out of the Mosaic may be part of other denominations or missional organizations or collectives, which is cool. For example, a few of us are licensed with the Vineyard and some of our missional communities are moving towards, or are a part of the Vineyard family of churches which we love and honour. The Mosaic is about having a Kingdom agenda to see people discover Jesus, and get connected into communities of Jesus followers no matter what the tribe or brand name. Through an affinity found in our friendships, a common set of core values, practices, and language discovered in this quest to live out community and mission in our city and neighbourhoods; we have bumped into each other.

Henri Nouwen simply yet profoundly sums up what this Mosaic of Christ is like in the following quote:

“Community is like a a large mosaic. Each little piece seems so insignificant. One piece is bright red, another cold blue or dull green, another warm purple, another sharp yellow, another shining gold. Some look precious, others ordinary. Some look valuable, others worthless. Some look gaudy, others delicate. As individual stones, we can do little with them except compare them and judge their beauty and value. When, however, all these little stones are brought together in one big mosaic portraying the face of Christ, who would ever question the importance of any one of them? If one of them, even the least spectacular one, is missing, the face is incomplete. Together in the one mosaic, each little stone is indispensable and makes a unique contribution to the glory of God. That’s community, a fellowship of little people who together make God visible in the world.”

While we cherish and celebrate the unique diversity of each simple missional community, or circle of communities, we believe that when the pieces of a Mosaic connect together, we become a moving picture of who Jesus is. We get a foretaste of the Kingdom Feast to come.

The two questions we would like to explore are:

“How do we tangibly express our ‘oneness’ which paints a fuller picture of who Jesus is?” and “What could we do together that we could never do apart?”

– Tim on behalf of the Mosaic