The Mosaic

A collective spanning local practitioners to institutions building leadership expertise and catalyzing new ventures.

What We Offer

Developing healthy Christian leaders with skills for ministry in post-Christian culture by practicing spacious orthodoxy and catalyzing new kingdom movements.


We curate safe space for new and existing faith leaders, pioneers, artists, apostolic catalysts, and church planters re-imagining ways to connect, innovate, and engage the kingdom locally and beyond.

Leadership Formation

We provide leadership formation designed for ministry in post-Christian culture, and develop missional movements re-imagining presence in their neighbourhoods and communities.


We offer tailored coaching designed with spacious orthodoxy to sustain and shape character development, how we lead, and the building of healthy church structures.

From the Blog

How My Neighbourhood Saved Me!

I love my hood of Bowness, and there is no other place I would rather live in our city of Calgary. It is a quircky and eclectic place where the rich and the poor live in close proximity to each other. It is a place of beauty, generosity, and diversity. No two houses...

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Two Parades. The Lie of Sacred Violence.

It was the beginning of Passover as Jesus and his friends headed to Jerusalem for the to celebrate Israel's liberation from Egypt.  Word spread that He was on His way to the city. People ran out to meet this Jesus who was taking the land by storm, with his radical...

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Replacing the ‘Build it and they will come’ Mantra

Replacing the ‘Build it and they will come’ Mantra

It wasn't too long ago when many believed in the effectiveness of the church planting mantra,"build it and they will come". The essential formula worked like this: send out the brave Lone Ranger church planter into a particular city or neighborhood with a launch plan...

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5 Trending Themes for 2015: Join A Movement!

I'm a guy who likes to sift through all the information we get thrown at us everyday, and distill things down to a few key ideas that are like signposts pointing me in the right direction for how I should spend my time, energy, and money. These themes have been rising...

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Our Queens of Old

Our Queens of Old. Not only because I am a woman myself, but also because their legacy has so much power that is often overlooked, the stories in the bible about females are some of my favourite to read. How is it that for centuries the power that arises from their...

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