About The Mosaic

Vision for the Future


A collective spanning local practitioners to institutions building leadership expertise and catalyzing new ventures.


The Mosaic is a collective of faithful forgiving friends exploring and practicing a spacious orthodoxy while experimenting with  alternative, entrepreneurial and relational expressions of God’s Kingdom.

Living in this kingdom means wrestling with the tension of the “already but not yet” expectation of God’s kingdom in the present even where the church is not visible. This rule and reign may be demonstrated through the healings of diseases, the reconciliation of
people into relationship with God, the redemption of all creation into God’s intended order, and the reversal of injustices all over the earth. These are just foretastes of the fullness of God’s kingdom where all wrongs will be made right.

Our Values

Unity in diversity.

Cultivating adventure, awe, beauty, and creativity.

Deeper presence alongside incarnational mission.

Justice for the voiceless.

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