Our Values

The Circle Dance of Living out our Values

We are still in the process of establishing a set of core values, but here are a few that we’ve been discussing lately:

  • Celebrating unity in the midst of our diversity: We dream of communities of Jesus followers that embrace the rich and the poor; that include the colourful tapestry of different ethnic groups; and that reflect an inter-generational family.
  • Practicing the circle dance of the Trinity: We want to grow in our mutual submission to one another, and learn to serve one another out of joy! Oh, to be a part of a community where there is no competition, no jockeying for position, and where we become friends that lay down our lives for one another!
  • Living ‘deeper’ community alongside ‘incarnational’ mission: We want to move beyond ‘church lite’ by becoming communities that pursue substance over image. We want to be safe places for all of us to be vulnerable with our pain and brokenness while developing authentic friendships with our neighbours with no strings attached! We want to go and be present in our hoods, places of work, and where we play looking for where Jesus is already at work. We want to form communities of love around our friends that practice ‘belonging before believing the right things, and before behaving the right way!’

    Everyone Belongs and is Connected!

  • ‘Being’ organic with simple organization to serve: We are treasure hunters for the life that God is initiating all around us. We want to carefully serve that life by forming flexible and fluid structures around it. We are called to develop people over programs!
  • Dreaming big but building small: We long to see simple missional communities of Jesus popping up in homes, coffee shops, offices, schools, and bars in our neighbourhoods, towns, and the nations!
  • Exploring life on the margins with many centers and circles: We believe that we are most powerful when we are powerless! We are allergic to hierarchical or top down power structures that crimp freedom.
  • Seeing through a Kingdom lens versus a church-centric lens: We are learning that the Kingdom is larger than the church, and will not be contained in the four walls of our churches! The Kingdom of God is breaking out even where the church is not visible. Jesus knows no borders, and will not be owned by anyone. He is at work in the most unlikely places.
  • Being culturally relevant while rooted in the ancient creeds. We love exploring and practicing the ancient forms of worship, liturgy, creeds, and prayer alongside the contemporary expressions of music and prayer. We long to hear the church sing whether that is through an ageless hymn or through a Switchfoot tune. We want to learn the ‘unforced rhythms of grace’ through practicing the habits of stillness, solitude, sabbatical, and simple living.
  • We believe everyone is called be a life coach, cheer leader, and cross-cultural translator right where they work, live, and play: The priesthood of all believers means that everyone is given permission to play; from the smallest to the oldest to the weakest! Every act of our lives is sacred; from washing dishes, to changing dirty diapers, to coaching soccer, to working as a pastor or plumber. We want to blur the lines between the secular and the sacred.
  • Advocating for the voiceless like the orphan, the widow, and the foreigner: We want to walk out justice daily.
  • Cultivating a culture of adventure, awe, beauty, and creativity: We want to be awestruck observers of the creativity blossoming all around us. We want to create a safe space for the mavericks and the mystics; the bards, poets, and artists; the prophets and pioneers; the apostolic initiators and organic architects to have freedom to explore and call us forward into the frontiers of the Kingdom!

    Basking in the Beauty of Creativity

  • Being at ease with mystery and mess: We understand that living in the Kingdom means wrestling with the tension of the ‘already but not yet’! We desire to live with the expectation and the experience of the in-breaking of God’s Kingdom into our present situations. His rule and reign may be demonstrated through the healings of diseases, the reconciliation of people into relationship with God, the redemption of all creation into God’s intended order, and the reversal of injustices all over the earth. Yet we realize that these are just foretastes of that great Feast to come when the Kingdom of God will come in its fullness and all wrongs will be made right!