The Mosaic

A collective spanning local practitioners to institutions building leadership expertise and catalyzing new ventures.

What We Offer

Developing healthy Christian leaders with skills for ministry in post-Christian culture by practicing spacious orthodoxy and catalyzing new kingdom movements.


We curate safe space for new and existing faith leaders, pioneers, artists, apostolic catalysts, and church planters re-imagining ways to connect, innovate, and engage the kingdom locally and beyond.

Leadership Formation

We provide leadership formation designed for ministry in post-Christian culture, and develop missional movements re-imagining presence in their neighbourhoods and communities.


We offer tailored coaching designed with spacious orthodoxy to sustain and shape character development, how we lead, and the building of healthy church structures.

From the Blog

Welcome To My Table

This is a guest post by Katelyn Wall. To say that I was not lucky to call Australia home would be only short of inferior pride. I witnessed what it was like to be on the other side of the western world. To live and breathe among those who have little compared to what...

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Transitioning From Base-Camp to Battlefield

A Note from Tim: One of the values of the Mosaic is to champion and call out all the voices in our collage of communities far and wide. We want to hear from the next generation. We invite them  to speak into our lives. and help shape what the Mosaic will become....

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It Cuts Both Ways

"So, how did you find yourself living in Arizona?" I asked the twenty-something year old during a recent visit to the United States.   She took a deep breath and told me that she and her family are Muslim and lived in Bosnia during the war which saw the country torn...

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Timing is Everything: Doing Our Part and Chilling Out

Have you ever needed something to happen where there is an impending deadline after which the consequences seem pretty dire? Have you ever had a situation where things worked out at the last minute or the 11th hour? It may be some finances coming in, a job opening...

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