The Mosaic Network writes:  Excited that our friends atThe Sheep Church in Okotoks are hosting an afternoon with Carl Medearis.  Here's the scoop:

Speaking of Jesus – Art of Non-Evangelism

When: Saturday, April 20th. 1-5pm. 

Where: St. Peter's Anglican Church. (Map)

Cost:  $10 advanced tickets/ $15 at door 

(For advanced tickets please email Dan )

Dan writes:

speaking-cover-lgThis January a few friends and I met someone very engaging at Breakforth in Edmonton. His name is Carl Medearis and what he said (and the way he said it) really resonated with us – so much so that we decided to bring him to Okotoks this April so you could meet him too. 

For some time now the topic of evangelism has been in our minds and hearts – we want to be faithful to God in this but also feel like we have to get out there and "make something happen" in the lives of people who don't know Jesus. The problem is that it can often come across like a sales pitch to join a church or even as a way of controlling the way other people live and believe. 

If Jesus is the most interesting person I know then talking about him should be pure joy; so why can it often feel like a burden?


Perhaps one reason is that Christians have this idea that Jesus "belongs" to the church (us) and that our job is to "deliver" him to people who don't know him (them). When Carl spoke about his conversations I realized again who really belongs to whom. I remembered that Jesus is already close to the people I might think of as uninterested or "outsiders" – drawing me out of my comfortable assumptions and showing me that the conversation was his idea all along. Jesus invites me to meet him yet again, but this time through eyes of the "outsider". 

It's kind of a liberating thought…kind of unnerving too. 

If any of this resonates we are asking you to set aside Saturday afternoon, April 20th, to hear from Carl. He has an international reach in talking with people about Jesus that many of us assume aren't interested. Carl has learned otherwise and will tell us all about it. Please don't miss this opportunity to be encouraged and inspired. 

The details are below along with a couple of links if you want to find out more.  Thanks for your time. Hope to see you there.

Dan Poxon

For The Sheep Leadership Team

 – Here is a 5 min video that captures how Carl thinks and talks about following Jesus.

– Carl's website has more information if you want to read up…