The Feast idea flows out of the big party that Jesus talked about in Luke 14:15-23 where people of every tribe and tongue, the rich and the poor, and all the generations and genders will gather as one to celebrate and display in dance, music, storytelling, and food our unity and diversity found through Jesus. We love a good party, and believe that when we come together with other followers of Jesus from different tribes where all are welcome to the table with no strings attached, we are getting foretaste of the Big Feast that is coming when Jesus returns to repair a broken world and make all things right again.
The missional communities of Amadeo Vineyard Community, North Calgary Vineyard, Close2Home, Crossroads Community Church, Kings Bridge, Calgary Missional Church will be coming together as unique and colorful pieces in the Mosaic that are being fitted together to celebrate our unity in Jesus, and band together to walk out justice and mission by partnering with World Vision to embark on a journey of transformation with the community of Simba, in the DRC Congo through child sponsorship.

Anyone is welcome to come crash the party and join us on December 11, 2016. Feel free to invite friends, neighbors, and family!
Our Feast Party will include:
· Stories the new missional communities of Grace City and the Cypher community connecting to the hip hop tribe in our city
· Inspirational message from Tony Campolo on Love
· Worship and the Eucharist together
· Care for the kids
· Opportunity to put our love in action by sponsoring a child through World Vision from the Simba community in the DRC Congo

· Might even be some food or at least snacks!


Date: December 11, 2016 10:20am
Location: Crossroads Community Church 912, 19 St. N.E. Calgary