An often overlooked aspect of faith is wonder.   When we talk about wonder we are thinking specifically about three postures; standing in disbelief, standing in the question itself and standing in awe or amazement of something.

Wonder positions us to be open spiritually – this doesn’t mean non-discerning but an openness to learn, to confront questions, seeming paradox and what we don't know honestly and to allow ourselves to simply be humbled and blown away by the majesty of God.

I have a 5-year-old and for the past year or two most of his questions start with "why?" Why is the sky blue? Why does God love me?  This is a natural part of human development. Questioning is a natural part of healthy faith and very necessary for the development of faith that is comfortable with not having it all figured out.  Healthy questioning is how we learn and then build upon what we have learned.    I am not talking about skepticism or negativity but a healthy questioning, the kind that is fostered by a healthy sense of spiritual curiosity.

What I am discovering is my questions begin to change, get more specific and more relevant as the wrestle cultivates questions that get to the root of the matter.  I am finding the exchange of questions serves not just to find the “right” answer but is a good place to cultivate intimacy with the Father and realize that God is not offended by my questions. The Father welcomes my wrestles of faith and doesn't feel threatened by them, and He welcomes them.  Moreover, I find myself reminded that my position and eternal security is not based upon my believing the “right” things as much as it is rooted in trust (faith) in Him.

The reality is any God we can fully understand is probably not a big enough God to save us.  As I reflect upon the 24 elders surrounding the throne of God in the Book of Revelations (4:10), even in the presence of God Himself they are moved to worship, wonder and awe that lays them flat in exuberant worship.  When you think of it wonder – awe, leads us to very honest worship!

Are you open to being “wowed” by the wonder and wrestling with the mystery of our God?  It has been said that God is not knowable except by love, but this doesn’t preclude our questions, and our "can’t believe our senses," "oh my goodness" disbelief!

Originally posted on by Michael Rose