It’s been awhile since the last posting on life in the Mosaic. Though there hasn’t been anything written, much has been happening behind the scenes both in each of the communities and the morphing of the Mosaic.

This January we will be in process to register Mosaic, get charitable status with the gov’t. and form a board/team.  Due to the closing down of a missions society called Global Hope Society that served as an umbrella for people like Esther and myself, who have been supported as ‘Mosaic missionaries both here and overseas’, as well as other missional projects, we’ve been advised to pursue charitable status for Mosaic. This will allow us to support missional projects who are relationally connected into the Mosaic and or  individuals who serve in the giving of their time, gifts, and energy to equip and encourage the missional communities in the Mosaic and beyond.  Thus it seems right with the Holy Spirit and those I have consulted that we go for it.

Although we want to continue to keep church simple enough that one does not have to quit their day job to ‘be and do’ church, we realize that as the number of communities increase there will be a growing need for some to devote more time and energy to go to mc’s to encourage, to train leaders, and to help start new communities. We always want our structures and systems to be fluid and flexible so that they serve life. We also want to continue to encourage grassroots ownership, creativity, and freedom. Thus the Mosaic team will not be a ‘permission granting’ board or the ‘resident heresy police’ through which one must go through to get the okay to minister or be ‘ordained’. We would like to see a team of diverse giftings and personalities that are there as a resource for communities. The only authority the team will have is through relationship and invitation.  We also realize that within the orb of the Mosaic will be communities that have already developed circles of care as well as already having charitable status. This is part of the heart of the Mosaic. We are not looking to get centralized. Infact we want to multiply circles and teams. More details on the above will be forth coming in the new year.

Early in the New Year, possibly towards the end of Jan. or early Feb we would like to have another Feast Gathering, so stayed tuned.

On behalf of the morphing Mosaic,