Feast ImageWe want to invite all of you to join our Mosaic gathering called The Feast on Saturday, May the 4th at Calgary Community Church in Montgomery, 5136 17th Ave. NW, from 5:30pm to 8pm.  

We'll start with coffee and some finger food and a chance to connect with each other. Bring some goodies along to share and you're welcome to invite a neighbour, friend, or anyone else you want to the Feast.

The theme of our time together will be The Art of Neighbouring. We be exploring what Jesus meant practically by His call on us to love God and love our neighbour. Why did Jesus call us to love our neighbour? What does it practically look like to love our neighbour? Why is it so hard to love our neighbours?

There will be story telling of the joys and failures in our journey of learning how to love our neighbours. Mixed in with the stories will be some teaching on the practices of neighbouring, the obstacles we all face in why we find it hard to practice neighbouring, and some pratical suggestions of how to begin.

There will be worship, prayer, chances to share in a small group of 3, communion, and opportunity to leave with a couple concrete and practical things that the Holy SpiritFeast worship shows each of us to go live in loving our neighbour.

We'll close with communion and celebrating Jesus. He is our model and mentor of how to live out neighbouring. He demonstrated to us what it means to love with no strings attached when He left the comforts and privileges of heaven and the perfect community of the Trinity circle dance to become flesh and blood and move into the neighbourhood." John 1:14

Feast 1 Look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it, and tasting together a little appetizer of the Great Feast to come when Jesus returns and the fullness of Heaven comes to earth.

When I imagine it I see people from every tongue and nation with all the colors of their music, food, and culture creating a mosaic that reflects the beauty and glory of who the Trinity is living in perfect love.International Worship

So come practice with us!

Tim on behalf of the Mosaic