On behalf of the Mosaic, I would like to invite you and any of your friends and faith community to The Feast on March 12th from 4-8pm down at the Jesus Loves You Society building in downtown Calgary at 2nd street and 15th Ave. S.W.

We really desire that the feel of our time be like a family reunion with lots of time to eat, laugh, story-tell, catch up, pray, and celebrate Jesus as our center in a intimate and interactive way.

Here is the flow of our time together, what to bring and who is doing what:

Theme: Who is Jesus and Where is HE Showing Up?

  • 4pm the building will be available for set up – Duane or Art will open up for us.
  • 4:30pm people start arriving and visiting
  • 5pm sharing food around the tables – Please let everyone from your circle know to bring a main dish and side dish-either a desert or salad as well as some drinks
  • Welcome – Mike Rose will welcome everyone and get the different groups to introduce themselves.
  • Sharing the Vision for Mosaic & Offering for Mosaic led by Mike – We want to gather some seed money for future gatherings such as rent for space, trainining events, and such. There is no pressure to participate in this, but as we move forward we want to give folks an opportunity to chip in for for some of the costs. So if you would give people in your community a heads up on this that would be great. There will be boxes at each of the tables for people to put their gift in if they so choose.
  • Eat and Connect
  • Celebrating Jesus around the bread and wine/juice – we will do this at the tables and Mac will facilitate us and close with a simple song of worship
  • Break – with some clean up
  • 6:30pm for 15 minutes – Worship through singing simple songs together and some liturgy – we will stay downstairs for this and Mac will guide us.
  • There will be a nursery and toddlers room open for the wee ones. Kids ages 5-12 will go on a scavenger hunt led by Art and Duane. We want to both welcome kids in our midst even when its messy, which is part of family life, as well as have something that suits the active/kinetic learning styles.
  • Learning From the Scriptures – Around the tables we will all read the story of Zacchaeus and His encounter with Jesus from Luke 19:1-10. I will have three questions for the facilitators at each table to guide folks through wrestling with the question: Who is Jesus and Where is He showing Up with people we know who are the misfits, freaks, outsiders, disenfranchised, losers, or sinners that we would tend to avoid? If you planning to come would you be willing to facilitate the discussion and story telling at a table?
  • Application and Response: There will be some stations for people to respond and apply what the Spirit is saying to them through journaling, some arts/tactile stuff, or receiving prayer.
  • Doing the dishes and cleanup

So there you have it. Hope you all can make it. If you would kindly put the word out in your spheres of relationship that would be great.