On behalf of the Mosaic team, I wanted to write a short note as a follow up to our Simply Jesus Missional Training Event on March 2-3, 2012. We are so grateful for all of you who came from near and far to join us. Each of you were a piece of the colorful mosaic created through the weekend.

What a joy to see old friends and to be able to make some new friends. It is one of our desires and goals to create spaces where folks who are on a similar journey can find each other. I love watching how the Holy Spirit connects people. Who knows where it all goes from there!

From all the feedback I’ve received, Carl our main speaker was the right choice for where many of us are at. His disarming and refreshing way of talking about Jesus alongside his interesting story telling struck a chord with most of us. Our hope is that you left with a deeper desire to know Jesus, and to follow Him into the harvest that is ripe for the picking now.

Part of the experiment of the Mosaic, is our passion to offer different types of training events to connect, coach, and catalyze simple missional communities here in Calgary and beyond. We dream of a spider web of simple missional communities popping up all over. One of the ideas we are floating around is having a Saturday every couple months where we gather at a retreat center for a day of connecting with God, one another, and to receive some training in incarnational missional and community practices. One of the needs I have heard from some folks is that of feeling isolated in this journey of exploring and asking questions that may be coloring outside the lines of traditional forms of church and mission. Thus we desire to provide safe places for people to connect and where no question is out of bounds. Let us know if this resonates with you.

After debriefing and reflecting on the Simply Jesus event, there was agreement to explore having another Missional Training weekend event in the next year. We will keep you posted on this.

Finally I want to say a big thank you to all the team and volunteers that worked above and beyond the call of duty to pull the event off in a seamless fashion. Esther and I so appreciate all of you and your heart to serve Jesus and others.

On Behalf of the Mosaic Team,

– Tim Schultz