On Saturday, September 25th a number of the communities and ministries who are pieces of the Mosaic will be gathering to experience the Kingdom together and celebrate our unity found through Jesus while giving space for the colour and uniqueness of each community. The theme of the evening is “Our Call to be a Kingdom of Priests: Everyone Gets to Play”.

We’ll be starting out by eating together, so if you’re planning on coming bring enough food and drink for yourself and to share with others. The rest of the evening will be the sharing of missional stories and gifts from the different communities interwoven with different forms of worship where we connect to God both as individuals and together as a community.  There will be opportunity for ministry to one another for healing or speaking words of blessing over one another. To end the evening, we celebrate Jesus through communion and have a chance to commission one another to ‘GO’ back into our work places and neighbourhoods listening and looking for how the Father is initiating His Kingdom, so we can join Him.

The location for the Feast: Jesus Loves You Society Building in downtown Calgary at 240 – 15th Ave. S.W.

Time: 5:30pm – 8pm on September 25th